José Santos

I was born on 15th September 1968 in a small town on the Parana Estate in southern Brazil.

‘We may of had a 200-1 winner but we don't train horses like 200-1 shots’

I started my career in horse racing when I was 12 years old, riding sprinters in 400-500 metre races in the countryside of Brazil.

Aged 15, I moved to Curitiba and started work in the Jockey Club of Parana, where a year later I took my jockey’s apprentice license. I rode about 50 winners in three-and-a-half but had to give up riding because I was too heavy so moved on to be an assistant trainer.

In 1988 I moved on to Sao Paulo and I took my racehorse trainers’ license – which was unique as I was still under 20 years old! I had 18 horses in my yard and trained nearly 250 winners up until the end of 2003.

At the start of 2004 I decided to leave Brazil to look for a better life in other country. I sent my CV to America and the UK and, gladly Marcus Tregoning gave me a work permit as a work rider for him.

Six months later I arrived in England and started riding out for Marcus. After about 18 months I moved on to Ralph Beckett’s in Whitsbury, where I stayed for five years before joining George Baker, where I held the position of Head Lad.

At George Baker’s I met Mr Robert Cooper, who had two horses in training and we struck up a friendship. Robert offered me to look after his horses and helped me to attain my trainer’s licence.

In October 2012 we started working together and I looked after his horses in different yards, firstly at Alison Batchelor’s in Petworth and then with Sean Curran in Lambourn.

In June 2014 I took out my own license and now work hard to growing and achieving all my expectations to be a successful racehorse trainer in UK.

I am assisted by my brother, Mario and jockey Renato Souza.
If you would like your horse trained by an ambitious young trainer please give me a call on 07789 906694.

Looking for a small ambitious trainer who is able to give your horse the individual attention it needs?
Please contact José Santos on 07789 906694